Wednesday, September 1, 2010

need to slow down, capoeira and family guy

Quality over quantity.

I know job searching nowadays can be a numbers game, so I've been submitting resumes in response to numerous postings one after the other. I'm going to have to slow it down.

I've come across positions for an assistant/office manager position for several design studios, which is a great way to get my foot in the door. To save time, I've been cutting, pasting, copying all the previous text from different cover letters I've used and making slight changes to reflect the specific job I'm applying for. In most of the variations of cover letters, I mention I'm very detail-oriented. When creating a draft of an email in Gmail the formatting appears okay but when the email is actually sent, the pasted text kept the same format from Word. So when the recruiter opens my email with all the different text sizes and fonts in my cover letter, he/she is probably thinking "Detail-oriented my ass."

Lesson learned: Take the time to carefully type each cover letter with care. Using the same information from previous letters is okay, but triple-check for relevance, formatting and don't mention the Fashion industry when you're clearly applying for a position in a Marketing firm.

Capoeira class was good today. Esstylo has a knack for demonstrating different transitions between kicks and floor movements with a focus on displacing oneself. I'm not a big fan of being on top of my head, though. It's always nice to see a good head-spin in a game, but I personally would like to be able to spin on my hand instead.

I'm thankful Mestre is very understanding and supportive. I explained to him my current situation and my need to save money, so he agreed to lower my monthly dues from $125 to $98. I know it's only $27, but every little bit helps.

My capoeira family as a whole is one huge support group. During the warm-ups of the class on the day I lost my job, I looked around while stretching and realized how much I enjoy training with everyone in the room. Los Angeles is considered one of the toughest cities for job seekers, but at that moment I promised myself to do everything I can to stay here. My goal for at least the next six months is to avoid a situation in which I may be financially forced to move back home. I like it here and I don't want to have to leave so soon.

When I started this blog entry Family Guy was on. It's such a stupid show and it never fails to give me a couple of laughs at the end of my day. In one of the episodes, Stewie had transported the cast of Star Trek to his room and spent the rest of the day with them like he was their babysitter. In the same episode, Brian mentions to a God-loving Meg that he is an atheist. Stupid, stupid stuff.

It's now 1:55am. I'm gonna get some sleep earlier tonight and not around 4am like last night.

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